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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sewing Seamstress - Are You Looking For Inspiration For Your Next Sewing Project?

Finding Inspiration For Creative Sewing And Unique Clothing

As much as any of us loves to create and sew our own designs, we may get stuck once in a while with grasping that certain idea in our minds. It is there, we know it is there, somewhere in our mind, but we just haven't gasped it. So we think we must keep our nose at the grindstone lest we may miss that inspirational idea! There is nothing to be concerned about because inspiration is everywhere and in every direction we would choose to look or see. There are no limits to creativity! Let the shapes, sizes, shades, colors, and textures around you shape and feed the thoughts and ideas of the designs in your mind.

Fashion and sewing ideas do not have to come from fashion and sewing alone. Fashion Designers get their ideas from events, movies, art, books, their environment, or politics. I once visited a historical museum and left with a page full of ideas that I wrote down as I was walking through the museum. Thoughts and ideas started coming to me because I was enjoying my environment and was relaxed without alot of effort to my thoughts and ideas.

-Imagination From Imagery

You may be looking at nature, fabric, food, or anything else that may inspires you.  Hold these images in your mind and choose one or more of these items that you think are beautiful in their own way and that you resonate with. They don't have to or may not be related to fashion at all. Keep these items in your mind as you go about your daily life. Eventually some of these image may come across your mind as possibilities for designs that you imagined. Imaginative imagery can be very powerful in any of your creative endeavors. If you would like to know more about how powerful imagination can be, you can find a great book about it here.

-Increased Awareness

Pick any object and observe for it a period of time, it doesn't matter how long a period of time, just enough time for you. It may only be 10 minutes of your time. As you look at an object of your choosing, think about how some part of the object could be incorporated into clothing. The color, shape, texture, or lines of the object contribute to your ideas about your clothing design.


Take a measuring tape, pad or piece of paper, with pencil or pen and go outside. Make a circle with the measuring tape over any surface. Focus and stay quiet and observe everything in the circle for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes have passed, write down everything you saw or felt from looking into the circle. If twenty minutes is not enough time to get a feeling, or to be able to see anything in the circle,  spend more time looking into the circle.  The more you look, the more you will see in the circle. It will simply come to you since you are focused and relaxed. Do this as many times as you like on a regularly basis. This method will increase your creativity in your mind. You go from nothing in your mind to every idea in your mind this way.

Thoughts do become things when we are creating. We can find the best ideas from out of nowhere that will take us everywhere that our imagination will take us. Looking at fabric prints online without a chief aim will ignite ideas for ourselves. I have looked at wrapping paper for gifts and came up with very unique designs.   There are no limits to creating, the possibilities are endless because no one ever has the same idea about anything. Let your mind run free! A Sewing Seamstress always comes through with a unique sewing design of her own! You can find the perfect fabrics for your creative sewing projects here.

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