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Monday, March 23, 2015

Maxi Dresses - Easy Sew And Easy Wear For All Body Types

The Trendy Maxi Dresses Are Back!

The beautiful Maxi dresses are trending for this year in many wonderful styles that compliment any body type. The Maxi Dress can be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion the Maxi Dress is being worn for. Maxi Dresses are full length dresses, while some are tee length or mid-calf length. Maxi Dresses are made from knits, jersey, cotton, polyester, silk, or challis. Maxi Dresses are for day or evening and some of them can be worn from day into evening to be stylish all day long. Maxi Dresses are worn at many summer time parties and some are worn to walk along the beach. I have worn a maxi dress for shopping and errands, and a meet up with friends for lunch. A Maxi Dress can be enjoyed around the home as a relaxing lounge wear.

A Maxi Dress can be worn with heels and accessories to dress up the Maxi Dress. With the legs not showing,  the cleavage can be played up in a Maxi Dress with a layered necklace, matching earrings, and a coordinating purse with heels in good taste. The Maxi Dress comes in countless designs, or you can sew your own Maxi Dress in your own unique one of kind design to make a statement that is unique to you. That is the beauty of sewing. A Sewing Seamstress does not have huge labels on our clothing and we do not sew anything that looks like what someone else is wearing. A Sewing Seamstress can be totally herself and express herself in her one unique way with her Maxi Dress. If you aren't a Sewing Seamstress you can find ready to wear Maxi Dresses here in an assortment of styles.

A Maxi dress, worn for day wear, can be worn with low heeled shoes or flats with coordinating jewelry, a hat, and a tote. I like to sew a matching tote with my Maxi Dresses. While I am produce shopping,  I have something to carry my produce in at the Farmer's Market that coordinates with my Maxi Dress. I  wear my hat for sun protection with my Maxi Dress. A Sewing Seamstress can sew her hat to coordinate with her Maxi Dresses just like her tote.  I have some matching light short sleeved jackets I can wear over my Maxi Dress as well for sun protection on my shoulders. There are so many things that can be sewn to wear and use with your Maxi Dress. I like the Bo-Ho type of Maxi Dress for my day wear, while I like an elegant Maxi Dress for a more formal appearance.  Below is an image of a Maxi Dress with accessories to give you idea for your own Maxi Dress of the way you will want your own Maxi Dress to be. There are no limits to your own design of a Maxi Dress! Be creative and imaginative in expressing your style!

The type of fabric you choose for your Maxi Dress depends on how you want your maxi Dress to fall on your curves. A Maxi Dress can leave alot to the imagination depending on the type of fabric you choose to sew your Maxi Dress in. Challis and silk drape easily over body curves as well as lightweight knits and cool summer time jerseys. You can find some beautiful jersey fabrics here. Silk and challis may cost a little more, but are well worth it for the difference it makes for your Maxi Dress. Anyone looks good in a Maxi Dress, don't let anyone tell you otherwise!  

Some Maxi Dresses are made with zippers or buttons, and some are made to simply pull over your head for easy wear. It is up to you for what you will want for your Maxi Dress. There many sewing patterns to choose from for Maxi Dresses. You can choose one or as many as you would like, or make your own maxi dress sewing pattern. You can find Maxi Dress sewing patterns here. What will you be sewing for your Maxi Dress?

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