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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Is Used Clothing A Trend, Fad, Or Going Green?

Why Are Used Clothes So Popular?

As a Sewing Seamstress I am always keeping up with fads, trends, and styles to see what is kicking with the public eye and what appeals to the public. As I was Cyber Traveling I was seeing quite a bit about used clothing, or as some term it, "recycled clothing." I tend to question everything that goes on around me, so I began to look at used clothing wondering why used clothing was so popular.  I was thinking that some may like Vintage clothing for costumes, or some used clothing could be used for heavy duty chores without ruining otherwise good clothing. I was close, but I found that there are many good reasons for the popularity of used clothing.

Used clothing is not something that was recently started. eBay has been a very popular site for selling Vintage and quality used clothing past and present. There are many thrift stores who sell used clothing and they are always busy I saw this past holiday season. In my Cyber travels I see that some websites are specifically selling used or Vintage clothing and have a thriving business with used clothing.

As I was have been viewing everything in regards to used clothing, I had to share my discoveries about it with everyone. I could see opportunity for anyone who would be interested in the used clothing business as a full time or part time income online. It has a low start up expense by going through someone's own closet and starting there. Someone can let friends and family know they would like to have their clothing they no longer use to add to their inventory, or visit garage sales for pennies to add to their inventory. Other places to check for used clothing would be estate sales, storage companies renting storage units who would love to find new homes for abandoned clothing, divorce sales, or community thrift shops themselves.

Once you have your starting inventory of used clothing you will want to go through the clothing checking for imperfections, stains, or any need or repairs. Next you will want to wash your used clothing. No one can catch a disease from used clothing, but it is a good idea to make sure your used clothing inventory is clean and pressed and perfectly presentable and appealing to the public for whatever reason someone has for purchasing used clothing. It only makes sense to do this. After washing your used clothing you may need to do some repairs to the clothing such as replace buttons, replace zippers, sew up an open seam, or stitch a hem back in place. This is a plus in the success of selling your used clothing. Retailing used clothing is just like retailing new clothing as a business and should be viewed as such. You will want your inventory very appealing to the crowd you intend to attract. Here is a very good link to read for cleaning and disinfecting used clothing for your inventory.

Used clothing is also viewed as Re-Commerce. Second hand clothing gets a new life and a second chance! Some websites are curated to carefully select and show clothing that are of a certain aesthetic and quality of clothing to make it convenient for the shopper. eBay helped reduce the stigma of buying used clothing, but many online websites have humanized the buying and selling process of used clothing. I'm certain there will be many more online websites specializing in certain styles and designs of used clothing.  

Here are the reasons I found for the popularity of used clothing below:

-Used clothing is cheaper.

-Purchasing used clothing saves the environment by going green with recycling used clothing.

-Younger generations like Vintage clothing to wear that is different than everyone else.

-Using Vintage clothing for costumes to parties.

-For the person who is not a Trend Follower and wants to make their own statement in style.

-Make cut clothes from old clothes to have a one of a kind design of clothing.

-Being a kid at heart buying used clothing.

-Buying Vintage without a company name or logo plastered on the garment.

-Buying used clothing to sew craft projects with or to make quilts.

-Buying used clothing to Go Green to save the environment from clothing deteriorating in a dump yard.

There are many possibilities with used or Vintage clothing. Used or Vintage clothing may be the way for you if you are looking for a way to make money or add income to yourself if you love clothes! eBay has paved the way for used clothing for many years and could possibly help you to start  on to your way for online sales of used clothing by opening an eBay store for used clothing. Vintage clothing would be most appealing to me since I am a child at heart and would love to play dress up in Vintage clothing such as a Flapper Dress.  

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  1. I have tried other ways of getting back my money for things I no longer need, such as swapping websites or selling on fashion blogs. Those were awesome for a while, but ultimately I got sick of having things I received in swaps not fitting or things taking forever to sell and buy buy used clothing wholesale