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Saturday, March 28, 2015

How To Properly Store Your Vintage And Current Sewing Patterns

How To Ensure The Life Of Your Vintage And Modern Sewing Patterns

Vintage is back in sewing patterns! That includes sewing pattern companies reproducing some of their sewing patterns of the past now. The beauty about sewing pattern companies reproducing some of their vintage sewing patterns of the past is that the sewing patterns are multi sized for many sizes in one pattern. The original vintage sewing patterns have one size in each sewing pattern envelope. 

Although it is fascinating to buy the true vintage sewing patterns for their authenticity. The modern vintage sewing patterns with multi sizes in them, enables you to use them for the rest of your life. This is  provided you take care of your patterns, in properly storing them and protecting them in the right pattern sleeves designed for sewing patterns.

It is important to properly store your vintage and modern sewing patterns because you will want to keep each pattern together with it's pieces. It does no good to have a partial sewing pattern that is missing pieces in it. You will want to keep the cover envelope and the instructions for the sewing pattern together as well.

You will want to store all of your sewing patterns in a moisture free environment to avoid mold on your sewing patterns, especially for your vintage sewing patterns. A sewing pattern protector will be able to keep dirt and grime away from your sewing patterns as well. The best protector for your sewing patterns is a 6 X 9 zip lock bag to place your sewing pattern into. The zip lock bags are acid free and you want an acid free protector for your sewing patterns, especially your vintage sewing patterns. You can find yourself a fair supply of 6 X 9 zip lock bags here.

The best way to file you covered sewing pattern is upright into a metal or plastic file cabinet by filing them loosely in the order of your choosing. Sewing patterns are stored loosely to be able to breathe. Your sewing pattern file cabinet should be in a low light, cool, well ventilated area or room of your choosing. Avoid heated areas to store your patterns as heat will lighten the print on your pattern pieces and it's cover.

You can find vintage sewing patterns online in their original and authentic envelopes for very reasonable prices here.  Vintage sewing patterns are very popular for nostalgia and uniqueness in design. Some vintage sewing patterns are considered an antique, which rightly they are, for some are over 100 years old and still intact!  You can find vintage sewing patterns at estate sales, garage sales, and some online stores selling vintage sewing patterns. There is an income possibility for someone who has vintage sewing patterns or has access to them by retailing them online to those who are looking for them. Your gold may be in vintage sewing patterns!

You can use vintage sewing patterns with modern sewing patterns by combining them to create a unique design of your own.  You can change the collar of a modern sewing pattern for a collar of a vintage sewing pattern and have created a one of  kind garment all of your own. Styles come and go all the time.Trends change every year, however, I think we are entering an era where style means anything goes irregardless what the trend may be set at. Clothing may well be what someone decides is their own style and makes their statement about themselves without following trends. This is part of the beauty of vintage sewing patterns and retro clothing. You can create and express yourself with DIY clothing. There are many classy retro styles that can be combined into today's styles and trends.

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