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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

How To Make Your Own BiasTape

 Do It Yourself Bias Tape For Uniqueness And Originality

Bias tape is one of my favorite items in sewing. I use it for so many projects. Although I or you can buy it at the store or online, it is so easy to make yourself! Bias tape is a trim and a binding. Bias tape can be made in different widths with the 1/2" being the most popular.  Bias tape can be 1/4' wide, 1/2" wide, 3/4" wide,  or 1" wide. There is a single fold and a double fold bias tape. Double fold bias tape can folded in half to apply around edges. Single fold bias tape is used as a stay on a seam so that the seam does not give or stretch on knits after sewing. Double fold bias tape is used more than single fold most of the time.

Bias tape is predominantly made from cotton fabrics used for quilting, however, you can use your choice of fabric type for your bias tape as long as it is cut on the bias to give your fabric some stretch. Bias tape can made from silk or polyester as well. What I like about Do It Yourself Bias Tape is that is can e made from any print of fabric you like such as small florals, plaids, solids, geometric prints, and stripes for example. Whatever project you are sewing can be beautifully coordinated with the bias tape print or solid you have created yourself.

Bias tape is used on quilt bindings, bib edges, children's clothing to finish neck edges and sleeve edges,  adult clothing for sleeve and neck edges, tote edges, pot holders, straps on a garment, blanket edges, tablecloth edges and any else you can think of to use for finishing edges in style.  Bias tape is made from fabric cut on the bias grain of the fabric, or at a 45 degree angle, so that the bias tape has some give or a small amount of stretch to it so that is can be applied around a rounded neck edge or sleeve edges with ease. If bias tape is cut from the selvage or straight of grain side of the fabric there will not be any give or stretch to your bias tape for a neck edge, but can be used as a stay on stretch seam. The straight of grain bias tape is perfect for a stay on a seam.

You will need two things to make your bias tape, your fabric or a fat quarter used in quilting and a bias tape maker such as shown in the image at the beginning of this article. You will want to cut 2" strips from the bias of the fabric you have chosen for your bias tape. You can use scissors or a rotary cutter and ruler to cut your strips of fabric.  The 2" strips may be cut in portions that can be sewn together with a 1/4" seam allowance. This 2" strip of fabric will make a 1/2" double fold bias tape using a 1" tape maker.

You will want your bias tape portions sewn together to make a complete straight piece of tape, not a tape with an angle to it like an elbow seam or to look like a V shape, but a straight tape. If you see that your strip of fabric looks like a V, apply both sides of the strip of fabric together going opposite directions so that you end up with a straight piece of fabric strip. After you have completed the construction of your tape of fabric, you will want to insert it through the tape maker that folds both edges of the tape. As the folded edges of the fabric come through the tape make you will want to press the folded edges in place with your iron. You will continue in this way until the complete length of the fabric strip has folded edges all the way down.

Now that you have both edges of the strip of fabric folded you will want to fold the fabric strip in half  to make a double fold for your bias tape. You will want to fold the strip so that front side is slightly shorter than the back side of the fabric strip and then press in place with your iron. This is so that when you sew your bias tape on to your garment neck edge there are no gaps or holes from missed stitching on the other side. After you have completed making your bias tape you will want to wrap it around a piece of cardboard, or plastic strip to organize your bias tape and to keep it neatly in place until you use it for your sewing needs.

There is an income opportunity with making bias tape. Making bias tape from many fabrics and prints is very profitable by selling it online to those who need bias tape who are otherwise too busy to make their own bias tape. Many seamstresses would love to be able to purchase one of a kind original bias tape to save them time and effort in their own sewing, especially if they are professional seamstresses who sew for the public. The working woman who sews on weekends would love to be able purchase a one of a kind bias tape, as well as the weekend quilter. It saves these ladies time so that they can finish their projects on the weekends. Not only can you make your own bias tape to suit your needs, you can make it as a part time income to sell online. It is actually very relaxing and simple to make bias tape.

If you are a seamstress who would prefer to purchase your bias tape there are many choices you can choose from online or at a fabric store for bias tape. Bias tape can be purchased in bulk or in small cards. You can find ready to purchase bias tape here. There is also a bias binder presser foot you can purchase to snap onto you sewing machine, designed to sew bias tape easily to insure a perfect stitch line on your bias tape. You can purchase the bias binder foot here. You can find a complete kit with all sizes of the bias tape makers along with a bias foot binder here. Your bias making tools can be in one place with this bias tape kit. You can also give bias tape as gifts to your sewing friends.

Below is a video demonstrating how to DO It Yourself bias tape.

Bias Tape Maker Kit -
Purchased Bias Tape -

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