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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How Do I make My Own Piping For My Sewing Projects And Garments?

Making Your Own Piping From Your Choice Of Fabrics

Piping can be store bought in small packages or by the yard in the trim or notions department at fabric stores. Although purchasing piping can be more convenient, it can also cost as much as your fabric per yard to buy. It depends on which is more important to you at the time. When I sew my projects I like my own originality and one of kind designs so I like to make my own piping cord.

Cording is used on garments, pillows, upholstery, yokes on western shirts, sleeve cuffs, and many other projects that someone can imagine for embellishment on a project or garment. Piping can be a contrast color, a light color, a contrast print, or the same color and print of a project or garment. Piping can be made from a different type of fabric other than the fabric of the project or garment being used.

Piping is made by cutting a strip of fabric from the bias of the fabric in a 1 1/2" width. The cording is placed in between the wrong sides of the bias strip of fabric, the fabric is folded over, and then the fabric is sewn next to the cording with a special foot called a piping foot. The finished piping will look like what the image is above in this article. The self made piping is then placed inbetween  the  right sides of the project or garment and sewn into the seam of the project or garment. Here is a video to illustrate how piping is made and how it is sewn into a project or garment.

Piping is very simple to create and make for your own garments and projects. It takes a little extra time and effort, but it is worth it for your finished project for your originality and unique touch to your projects and garments. Below is an image of piping used around a pocket that is a contrast to the fabric used for the garment.

Piping is very cute in doll clothes and in the hems of pants too. Piping can be added to anything where you would like an accent or to add more flair to your project or garment. You can find cording to make your self made piping here along with a piping foot for your sewing machine if you will need one. What will you be making your piping for?

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