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Thursday, March 5, 2015

A Cutting Table For Your Sewing Room

How A Cutting Table Helps A Seamstress

The way a seamstress cuts her patterns for her garments is very important. One half of the job of completing a garment is in the cutting out of the garment from the chosen fabric the garment is be made from. The sizing and measurements of the pattern should be exact before the garment is sewn. A sewing seamstress is careful to measure the bust, waist, hips, waist length, and sleeve length of the person wearing the garment before she begins to cut out the pattern from the fabric. It takes some extra time to make sure the measurements are exact but it is well worth it for the finished garment after it has been sewn, and it reduces time in alterations after the garment is sewn as well.

A sewing seamstress may not always be cutting out garments, she may be cutting out pieces for quilting or cutting fabrics for crafts. There will need to be a level surface for her to lay her fabrics, trims, pins, scissors, measuring tapes and gauges out in front of her so she coordinate her fabric prints and colors. A seamstress will spend a lengthy time in cutting and coordinating her fabrics for whatever task she has at hand. If a seamstress is spending this lengthy period of time in undue bending at the waist while she is working she will feel some discomfort in her back. This is where a sewing room cutting table is very helpful for a sewing seamstress. It is a flat level table of which she can lay out her fabrics and sewing tools all in front of herself. The sewing room cutting table will save strain on her back since she will not have to maintain a constant bend at her waist while she is cutting her fabrics.

A comfortable height of a sewing room cutting table is 36 inches. The surface of a sewing room cutting table should be laminated and smooth so that fabric lays flat and even and will not get caught any where on the cutting table to cause a snag in the fabric. A sewing room cutting table is very important in cutting out fabric for garments in order to keep the grain of the fabric even. When the fabric is laid out correctly and evenly, then cutting out the pattern for the garment will turn out as it should.

A sewing room cutting table is not just for sewing it can used for hobbies, art, or crafts. It makes many projects more enjoyable! If you have visited your fabric store, you have seen how comfortable and convenient a cutting table is for the clerks who measure and cut the fabric for you at the fabric store. It is the same convenience and ease for a seamstress at home. A sewing room cutting table is a tool of the sewing room for a sewing seamstress. There are different kinds of sewing room cutting tables. There is a fold up cutting table to help save space for easy storage in the sewing room, and there is a sewing room cutting table with drawers and cabinets underneath the table to help store more of a sewing seamstress tools and notions for her sewing projects. They are very handy to a sewing seamstress. You can find a sewing room cutting table here.

A sewing room cutting table is more efficient when there is  a table cutting mat on the surface of the cutting table. The cutting mat helps protect the surface of the cutting table and has a grid on the mat to help a seamstress measure her fabrics and cut her fabrics evenly. A grid on a cutting mat  is very handy for quilters! It helps keep cutting lines clean and evenly measured for accuracy of the finished project at hand.  A seamstress has everything she needs just a like a fabric store when she has a sewing room cutting table and a cutting mat! You can find a cutting mat here.

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