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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Why Do I Like Vintage Fabrics And Vintage Sewing Patterns?

 I not only like Vintage Look Fabrics and Vintage Sewing Patterns, I love them! There is nostalgia to anything Vintage. I also love Vintage cars and trucks. It is not necessarily that anything Vintage is more simpler, because it certainly is not always the case, but it is the class and character of anything Vintage that I like. I collect antiques that I fill my home with, and so it goes with Vintage Fabrics and clothing I sew from Vintage fabrics. I like to step out of the present into something past to make a statement of my own style that is in the present. It is like reinventing the past, adding a dose of present, and creating a new style all of it's own. Such is the beauty of creating and being an artist of the needle!

I have been busy sewing Vintage wedding dresses from Vintage Look Fabrics and Vintage Sewing Patterns. I like to take from one pattern and add that pattern to another pattern to make an original style that I like. Any bride would like to have an original bridal gown. Designing in this way saves me time in sewing  instead of making my patterns from scratch all the time. I love the 1930s and 1940s era of clothing along with hair styles that leaves a lot to the imagination and hints of romance that flirts with the mind.

I used to shop a website that was dedicated to Vintage sewing patterns. The website is no longer available because it sold it's inventory of vintage sewing patterns. Vintage sewing patterns are not easily found, but when they are found online, in garage sales, estate sales, and antique shops it is smart to buy them. I have purchased vintage sewing patterns for adult clothes, children's clothes, and doll clothes. I still keep a look out for vintage sewing patterns on many online sources such as Amazon, eBay, and small business online websites.

Vintage look fabrics can be found on many online stores and websites. Many fabric manufacturers and textiles have been re-creating vintage fabrics due to demand for them. I like to combined vintage fabrics with modern fabrics to have a complete original design. This combination of vintage fabric combined with modern fabric makes a one of kind garment for women, children's, and doll's clothing. Some of the vintage fabric is used for costumes for plays and theatrical entertainment to make the costume more genuine for the part of the play or theatrical part. Halloween costumes are made from vintage fabrics if the garment was made for the Roaring Twenties or the Renaissance period. A log cabin home can be decorated in vintage look fabrics for the curtains, table tops, bathroom decor, and accent pieces of the cabin home. Home Decorators use Vintage fabrics for decorating homes when vintage decoration is requested. I love to sew Aprons made from vintage fabrics! You can sew tote bags, throw pillows, and quilts from Vintage fabrics too.  There are many reasons for having vintage fabrics besides the nostalgia and memories they may have for someone's childhood or of their Grandmother.

Vintage look fabrics and vintage sewing patterns have been so much in demand that I have seen pattern companies such as Simplicity, McCalls, and Butterick bringing back patterns from the 1920s
and forward. Their replicas of these vintage fabrics and vintage sewing patterns do not cost as much as the true original vintage fabrics and sewing patterns. I especially enjoy the vintage sewing fabrics and vintage sewing patterns for doll clothing. There are many doll collectors looking for original doll clothing for their dolls in their coll collection. Doll collectors have restored their vintage dolls and would like a more vintage garment for their doll to wear for display. Vintage doll clothing is a sought after talent for a doll collector from a Sewing Seamstress.   

Vintage fabrics and vintage sewing patterns can take a person any where in their mind of creativity. Anything vintage can be reinvented to create something authentic and original. There are as many possible ways of creating with vintage fabrics and vintage sewing patterns as there are stars in the sky! What will you be creating with a Vintage Flare?

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