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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Sewing Seamstress With Sew Many Fabrics

As a professional seamstress I am constantly looking at fabrics and seeking to learn new shortcuts in my work. I enjoy watching videos on YouTube for learning new sewing techniques and ideas. Sewing is a skill that can always be broadened by constantly learning innovative ideas on how to improve sewing techniques.  I enjoy Sewing With Nancy the best for her sewing techniques and she uses Baby Lock sewing machines like I have, so that her illustrations make perfect sense to me.

I  like the sewing tools, fabrics, and supplies that Nancy offers with her videos on her website, but I have found I can have the same quality for less cost through other avenues shopping online. I save significantly by shopping other sources online and in shopping in fabric stores some times in my area as well. The holidays are over,  but a Sewing Seamstress is not over with her plans and designs! There are lots of bargains to be had with winter clearance sales that are going on both online and in fabric stores. This is the time to stock up on notions, remnants, buttons, bolts of fabrics, and more at the beginning of the year with clearance sales online and at fabric stores.

I have an interest in quilting and I have found great deals online for quilting fabrics, batting, thread, and tools. I have seen pre-cut 4" to 7" quilt blocks of fabrics in assorted prints and solids in packages of 50 to 100 blocks. I have also seen pre-cut batting squares in 4" to 7" blocks to match the fabric blocks in size and proportion. This saves a lot of time in cutting and preparation for my quilting projects since someone else has done this portion of the work for me. I finish more projects for myself by purchasing my fabric and batting blocks in this way.

My favorite place to shop online for my sewing needs is eBay. eBay is not an online garage sale. It has many stores selling brand new items, at some times, whole sale prices.  A Sewing Seamstress can find everything she needs on eBay at a fraction of the cost! eBay has some wonderful Fabric Stores of which you can get one on one help from the seller, free shipping, and bargain prices. I have my favorite fabric stores I use for my sewing needs since I know they have excellent customer service with quality fabrics and notions. My favorite eBay fabric stores are listed at the end of this article. You can shop around on eBay and find more eBay stores as your own sources for your sewing needs. eBay fabric stores have fabrics in solids, prints, abstracts, batiks, floral, skulls, contemporary, nature, novelty, children's prints, and more!

eBay sellers provide more than fabrics. There are sellers for sewing patterns, thread, machine embroidery threads, scissors, needles, machine needles, yarn, interfacing, sewing machines, and more! Sewing is not only a skill and craft, it is an art in itself. Our clothing that we sew for ourselves and others is an expression of ourselves through our creativity. We want to find the best quality and most original fabrics we can for our creative projects and still have money in our pocket. I hope this article has helped you in finding your sewing needs. If you know of other sources for quality fabrics please comment on this article. Happy Sewing!

-Morning Dove Nest Fabrics:
-PMS Crafts:
-Sew Creative:
-Sew Knit-n-Kit:

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