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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Button Designs For Crafts Or Clothing

I love buttons because there are so many things that can be done with buttons! Buttons are made from wood, acrylic, glass, shells, copper, bronze, or mother of pearl. Buttons hold alot of history through the centuries, and at one time anyone who wore buttons on their garments were considered wealthy. Buttons date as far back as ancient Rome and became more prominent among the wealthy in the Middle Ages. Buttons in the Middle Ages were used to accentuate garments more so than they were to for useful and practical purposes. As time moved forward, buttons gained a more purposeful use to garments. By the 19th Century, buttons were massed produced by factories so that everyone had buttons for their garments.

Today, buttons are abundant every where. Buttons are in almost every country, town, province, and in most stores. The best thing about buttons now is that they can be bought online as well as any store. Buttons come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Buttons are used as embellishments to garments, doll clothes, children's clothes, jewelry, and craft projects.

I like to embroider or applique on fabric and then embellish my embroidery or applique design with a lovely button to compliment the colors of my embroidery or applique design. I have sewed sweatshirts that I sewed buttons onto the front of the sweatshirt to compliment the designs of the appliques on my sweatshirt. I enjoyed looking at Pinterest the other day at all the wonderful ideas of how to use buttons for bookmarks, wall decorations, jewelry, wind chimes, home decorations, greeting cards, clothing and a whole lot more in ideas. I saw all these great ideas here.

I keep a good supply of buttons on hand all the time so that I create whatever I would like to in clothing and craft projects. I enjoy looking at their colors and shapes, and how unique each button is. I collect buttons as much as I collect fabrics! When an idea strikes me I want my supply of buttons and fabrics handy so I can start right away on my project. I don't think any two buttons are made the same from my observations. There are shank buttons, two hole or four hole buttons, and some buttons that do not have holes or shanks specifically for scrap booking projects.

In my online Cyber travels I saw that anyone can make their own buttons with a button maker. I prefer to buy my buttons so I can get on with my projects, however, a serious button lover would probably like to make their own buttons with a button maker machine. I can see that with a button maker someone can make buttons with their own original design and colors of buttons for their projects and clothing or maybe to sell their buttons too. I prefer the convenient way of purchasing my buttons, but it is nice to know I could make my own buttons if I wanted to. It's nice to have choices in anything.You can find some great deals on buttons here.

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